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Coming in April, Crockettville!

Updated: 12 hours ago

No fooling, available April 1st

"If you liked Sun City, you'll LOVE Crockettville." From the author of  Sun City, A Hilariously Addictive Story of Rebellion, comes an environmental comedy that just might save us all.

Crockettville is the story of David Crockett, an outdoors averse, administrative drone in a multinational energy conglomerate (oil company) sent by his deranged, nudist CEO to purchase the remote West Texas town of Crockettville and secure its extraordinary wind resources. Why? Because his boss erroneously assumes Crockett must be related to the famous Davy Crockett and his lesser-known half brother, Milburn, the lone accountant at the Alamo. (Not a real person.)

Along for the trip, is the corporation’s “token” environmental engineer, the brilliant, enthusiastic Miles Andross, a musical theater maven who knows the lyrics to every Broadway showtune ever written and proceeds to sing them as he drives. Happy to be out of the office, he enthusiastically regales Crockett with unintentionally terrifying descriptions of the hostile flora and fauna in the region.

Soon enough these disclosures become painfully real to Crockett as they suffer a near collision with a javelina, which Crockett sees as a cross between a feral hog and a werewolf, a mega Buc-ees establishment - an interstate traveling consumers' paradise with a unique Texan flair -  and finally, a cholla jumping cactus that gets Crockett in the worst anatomical spot for a seated passenger.

Arriving in the small town with a sore ass and worse attitude, Crockett is at first horrified by the place, its punitive heat, and its bizarre residents, who sense a fiscal windfall when the only hotel’s owner and town mayor processes Crockett’s corporate credit card. Soon though, he begins to awaken to the beauty of the natural world and finds his truer self through the eyes of a brilliant environmental scientist, Angelina “Angie” Dickinson, who charms and enlightens Crockett, a devastatingly effective Apache lawyer, Galba Geronimo, a fried pie artisan, Bettie Bowie, who constantly does business with the Hollywood elite via an antiquated payphone, a fiery tequila craftswoman/smuggler, Simone Arreola, who fosters a romantic affection for Miles, and a cantankerous burro named for a bizarre bumper sticker incident during the last presidential election, who now embodies the community’s strange spirit of social-environmental activism.

So welcome to Crockettville, where... "Maybe it's the fried pies and tequila talking, but you could get used to this place!"

Read what critics are saying:

“…What Sun City did for seniors and rebellion… Crockettville does for the environment and… donkeys…”

“…this book is quixotic, surreal, brilliant. Very, very funny and very, very, very smart.”

“…Leave it to Minson to create a character like BidenTrump…”

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