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For a limited time only, Crockettville is FREE!

With gratitude for the response to Sun City, A Hilariously Addictive Story of Rebellion, the BIBA 2022 award winner for humor, and to promote the Literacy Enterprise I will be offering a free day of downloads for the e-book version of my new novel Crockettville on April 20, 2024!

For everyone supporting the release and launch of Crockettville please go to Amazon at Crockettville eBook : Minson, Matthew: Kindle Store  on Saturday, April 20, 2024 and download the e-book for free, even if you want to purchase a paperback copy. Then please let me know at so I can add you to my mailing list and tour dates and I’ll happily sign the book for free. I’d also like to announce that a portion of all profits generated by the paperback will be donated to the Conservation International, Trust for Public Land, and One Percent for the Planet.

Read what critics are saying –

“…What Sun City did for seniors and rebellion… Crockettville does for the environment and… donkeys…”

“…this book is quixotic, surreal, brilliant. Very, very funny and very, very, very smart.”

“…Leave it to Minson to create a character like BidenTrump…”

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